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I seem to have become artistically dead over the last few years, I don't find this enjoyable. I need to fix this.

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Journal Entry: Tue Apr 20, 2010, 2:35 AM

hello everyone, sorry i'm totally behind on everything. i have over a mundred things to reply to and over 10,000 deviations to nuke, i mean "look at". I'll look at what i can of those who i watch and enjoy watching. i may not always comment or fave but a few of you would be suprised to know i follow up on some of your work.

as for my work i've done nothing but no life the guitar and songs. in drawings, nothing more complex than doodles and scribbles. i'm quite unmotivated, and inspiration is but a humble mirage on the desert horizon. there i go again being poetic instead of productive.

   on a productive note, more or less potentially productive. with enough inspiration my next project would assuredly be fruitful. once again inspiration is water in the desert, more precious than gold it is quite simply a necessity of which an artist can't live without. and as misfortune would have it it's the only necessity that can't be bought, merely found. anyway, i stray from the subject. i'm working on a book, not a comic, a full fledged novel. it's a human study piece called "Fetishes And Phobias" this is no small task, i've only begun to contemplate the embarkment on this project. quite simply the human pshyche knows nothing more influential the the basic elements of it's own fears and desires. thus "Fetishes And Phobias". these are the weapons used against you everyday before you can even pick up the morning paper you are assaulted with something to fear or desire. commercials, pop up adds, news stations, radio stations. it doesn't stop at corporate, it goes up and down the human ladder of class and position. straight up to congress and the oval office and right back down to the woman at the register at wal mart, the gas station attendant, the guy at the drive thru. it's human nature to manipulate and it is neither fist, sword, or gun that are the selective tools we use, rather it is fear and desire.
   fear bad breath, buy colgate. fear of failure, can't miss college. fear peer pressure, abide to the will of others. fear the world, watch the news. fear obesity, watch an infomercial and buy a weight watchers diet. fear, fear itself... well you might as well sever all ties with humanity and live in a cave alone because if you can see people where you are, fear is amongst you and it is it's own feeding, breeding, breathing entity. this information is pumped through our brains everyday. i'm hungry, fast food is affordable and minimal effort is required to achieve it. i'm thirsty, ofcourse they have drinks here to. another want is satisfied. these are basic remedial desires, but desire is only a parasite within a parasite, fear. the fear digests the desire and the desire vice versa the fear.

this is only a taste of the project, like a mild introduction to get you in the mindset of the book. just so people know how to think while reading, what to look for. possibly even if i finish this novel it'll bomb, no one will care to read it. the title itself as i mentioned fears and phobias is a form of manipulation itself. by attemting to appeal to people i'm praying on their desires. however possibly completely ineffective.


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